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If you are seriously injured as a direct result of someone’s negligent, reckless, or deliberate actions, you have a right to full compensation for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other losses. Unfortunately, enforcing that right is generally not easy. Most personal injury cases pit you, the plaintiff, against a large and powerful insurance company representing the defendant. The lawyers for that insurance company are determined to pay as little as possible for your injuries and will use any number of tactics to achieve that end. We know, because we’ve been there, and that’s exactly why you should retain our services. When you choose the Law Offices of Kevan I. Benkowitz for your personal injury case, you get an attorney with years of experience defending insurance companies in high-value litigation. We know their tactics, but more importantly, we know how they value cases and how high they may be willing to go on any particular injury. That gives us an advantage in negotiations and at trial, where we can pursue the maximum damage award possible.

A highly responsive advocate pursuing full, fair compensation

Based in Plano, the Law Offices of Kevan I. Benkowitz serves clients throughout the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area in cases related to:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — The highways north of Dallas are some of the most congested roadways in the state. Frustration over such road conditions often leads to aggressive driving or distracted driving, which are major causes of auto accidents. We hold reckless and careless drivers accountable for injuries to motorists, passengers, pedestrians, motorcycle riders and bicyclists. We also have the resources to take on major corporations who are ultimately liable for commercial trucking accidents.
  • Birth injuries — We represent parents whose newborns have suffered debilitating birth injuries, such as Erb’s palsy, cerebral palsy, hypoxia, or anoxia, because of negligence during delivery. Because such injuries require a lifetime of care and management, we fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible.
  • Construction accidents — We represent injured passersby and workers who are injured due to negligence or a reckless disregard for safety at a construction work site.
  • Wrongful death — When negligence claims the life of an innocent person, we help the next of kin get justice by holding the responsible party accountable in a wrongful death action.

When you retain our services, we provide close, personal attention throughout the legal process.

Personal injury basics in Plano, TX

The law allows an injured party to file suit for damages against the party or parties responsible for the harm. You don’t have to hire an attorney, but if you choose not to, the lawyers for the other side will have a distinct advantage over you and will use every legal means to reduce your recovery. You should also know that hiring the Law Offices of Kevan I. Benkowitz for a personal injury claim does not require any upfront payment. We take all injury cases on a contingency fee basis. We charge no attorney fees until we obtain compensation for you through a settlement or a jury verdict.

There’s no telling how long a particular case can take. Different factors, such as the certainty of fault and the extent of the harm, influence whether a defendant fights or settles. But the sooner you begin, the better, for a number of reasons:

  • Retaining a personal injury attorney right away sends a strong signal that you intend to assert your rights and fight for the full measure of compensation you are due.
  • Early action helps your attorney preserve physical evidence and get witnesses on record before their memories fade.
  • Getting started now will help you avoid problems with the Texas statute of limitations. By law, in most cases, you must bring a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the accident, or you lose your right forever.

If you have been hurt, get started today by taking advantage of a free consultation.

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If you or a loved one has been harmed by someone’s negligent act or omission, the Law Offices of Kevan I. Benkowitz is ready and able to help. We offer free consultations for new clients, and we’ll even come to your hospital room if necessary. Call us at 972-464-2645 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.


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